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Azerbaijan carpet

For centuries Azerbaijan had been a country of various handicrafts, particularly carpet-making. Carpet-making is one of the ancient fields of the decorative-applied art of Azerbaijan. According to archeological excavations in the territory of Azerbaijan and to literature sources, carpet-making had been conceived in ancient times. Carpet and carpe-ware made in Azerbaijan had repeatedly been glorified in historical books, classic and folk literature. Magically playing, the colours of carpets absorbed ruby brightness of pomegranate, golden brilliance of quince, copper of saffron and lilac tints of grapes. Inexhaustible richness of colours, inimitable inits beauty interlacement of patterns , flight of artistic fantasy and consummate skill - that is Azerbaijan carpet. According to the historical sources, Azerbaijan was one of the most important centers of pile and flat-woven carpets production in the East in Middle Ages.


During the tour you will be introduced with an ancient Azeri art - carpet weaving. Visitors will visit workshops where they can personally watch the transformation of different colors threads into the beautiful work of art. Also attend the carpet shops located in the Icheri Sheher (Old Town). There the best modern and some antique Azeri carpets will be presented to their attention and tourists will have an opportunity to buy carpets accompanying with their certificates for the very competitive prices.


National bath ( Hamamm)

Among public buildings, baths have always had a special importance for people. Ancient Egypt and Rome were famous for their baths and thermae. Apart from their main role, public baths have also served as clubs, places for meeting and exchanging views. The Tazabay bath, which was built in central Baku in the nineteenth century (1886), has also been a place for relaxation. The bath was fully restored in 2003. Today Tazabay, which meets all modern demands, is one of the favorable places for the guests of our city. It has Oriental, Russian and Finnish baths and a swimming pool. It provides a lot of other services, including all kinds of massage, kise, pedicure, manicure, etc. It also has a restaurant with Oriental and European cuisines, and also a bar and a beer bar. The services are provided by a high-quality staff Western Europe, the "Turkish bath" as a method of cleansing and relaxation became popular during the Victorian era. The process involved in taking a Turkish bath is similar to that of a sauna, but is more closely related to ancient Greek and ancient Roman bathing practices.



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