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Caspian Islands-Khazar Islands


  "Khazar Islands New City" project will be constructed on artificial archipelago, will consist of 3 thousand hectares area, 50 different-sized islands and 19 micro regions. Parameters of project: 8 km long and 3 km in width, general area of project will be 24 km². Nowadays, one of the bridges and islands has already been constructed, which will be used for entrance to island.

Construction general area will be 30 million m². Residential areas 22 million m², 4 million m² trade and business centers, other 4 million m² will be for hotels, residences and apartments. Nowadays, one of 4 big islands is in the construction process, which will consist of approximately 6-7 large apartment buildings. About 100 000 inhabitant will be able to live in this island. In general city will be able to meet about 400 000 permanent residents and about 200 000 tourists.

Most of apartments and residential buildings will be 25-storey buildings. There will be 40 or 60 - stories buildings in some islands. However, hotels are indented to be 70-85 stories. Sea level will be 9-10 m on which city would be located. Buildings are built with reinforced concrete construction which will be able to withstand a 9 point earthquake.Around 200 000 tourists will be able to live with local inhabitant in this complex, where construction of 10 most popular hotels are planned to implemented. In addition, there will be all necessary conditions in the island to meet tourists such as Disney Land, special place for horse riding, also "Formula-1" special road. There will be special large and beautiful parks and 150 km boulevards which the complex will obtain amazing view."Khazar Islands" will be rich in terms of social and entertainment objects. There will be lot of social objects - 150 schools, 50 kindergartens, hospitals, cinemas, restaurants, trade centers. In the island initial 3 floors of building are designed for business centers. They will be for different offices, shops and other public places. Flats will start from 4th floor.Future inhabitants' healthy life style is one the main slogans for "Khazar Islands New City" where will be stadiums, special places for horse riding, also are planning to be built special road for Formula-1 rally and other important huge sport and health centers are planned to be constructed. The main part of the complex is "AZERBAIJAN TOWER", which considered the tallest building of the world. The height of this building will be 1050 m and consist of 186 floors.In purpose of getting education of teenagers and young generation there are intended to build 150 schools, 50 kindergartens and 5 universities.



Boyuk Zira, also known as Nargin, is an uninhabited island off theBay of Baku,Azerbaijan.Nargin Island is part of the  Baku Archipelago , which consists of the following islands:Bouk Zira,Dash Zira,Kichik Zira (Qum or Sandy Island),Zenbil, Sangi-Mugan, Chikil,Qara Su,Khara Zira,Gil, Ignat Dash and a few smaller ones.Nargin is the biggest island that separates the Bay of Baku from the sea south of the Absheron Peninsula. It has a length of 3.1 km, and a width of 900 m. The northwestern side of the island is vertical and steep. There is little vegetation.

Caspian seals, sturgeon, and numerous types of birds, like teal ducks,herring gulls, and grebes are some of the species that can be found on and around Boyuk Zira Island.


Zira Zero Island is a 1,000,000 m2 master plan for a carbon neutral resort and residential development on Zira Island located along the Caspian Sea. As a young post-soviet democracy, Azerbaijan is rediscovering its national identity by imagining Zira Island as an architectural landscape based upon the country’s dramatic natural setting. Located within the crescent shaped bay of the capital city Baku, Zira Island includes the Seven Peaks of Azerbaijan which is envisioned by its designers BIG Architects and the engineers Ramboll to be a sustainable model for urban development, and an iconographic skyline recognizable from the city’s coastline.


Boat trip


Can be carried out on a yacht or pleasure boats, depending on the number of trips. During the walk experienced guides tell the history of the Caspian Sea, its wealth, and existing problems. At the same time - you can admire a unique panorama of Baku, with the opening of the sea.The Bay of Baku is the natural harbour for Azerbaijan’s capital city and the main port of Baku. It is located in a wide curve on the southern side of the Absheron Peninsula, sheltered by the Baku archipelago. The excursion gives you a great opportunity to have a splendid panoramic view of Baku from the sea, and to see the city’s nice beaches and the bay itself dotted with oil derricks. Your guide will explain you the history and other peculiarities worth knowing of the Caspian Sea. Visit to medieval fortress of Old Baku - "Icheri Sheher"15-17 c.c., "Maiden Tower " – 9 c., the Complex of Shirvan Shahs’ Palace -15 c. medieval CaravanSaray -15c., medieval Markets square, handmade carpet’s workshop art studio. The Old Town, called Ichari Shahar in Azerbaijani, extends from the curve of the Baku Bay through the hills behind it, and much of the area is closed to vehicular traffic.