Karting for extreme and sport lovers 

Baku Karting & Event Senter - the largest indoor entertainment center Karting in Transcaucasia, is open to all lovers of speed and drive in June 2010. The center with a total area of 4000m ² located tarmac track length of 500 meters and a fleet consisting of new professional karts leading German manufacturer Rimo. Under one roof is a modern «Rich Club & Lounge» 200 seats. Panoramic view of the track allowing fans to watch the race while enjoying delicious food and excellent cocktails. Baku Karting & Event Center is ...... unforgettable leisure


4x4 extreme


Off-roading is the activity of driving or riding a vehicle on unsurfaced roads or tracks, made of materials such as sand, gravel, riverbeds, mud, snow, rocks, and other natural terrain. Travelling on off-road terrains require vehicles capable of accommodating off-road driving such as All-terrain vehicle.

Get ready to be amazed as YOU get to take the wheel in a sensational Extreme 4X4 Intro Drive! You may have heard of tough trucks and have seen monster trucks but we're certain you've never experienced a drive like this! This is a driving experience like no other and sure to put a smile on the face of any motorsports fan.




Azerbaijan’s potential for hiking activities is literally infinite. You will come across some of Europe's finest highland scenery in Caucasus Mountains that harbour spectacular peaks and glacial lakes, forested valleys and stream-side meadows, marvellous gorges and caves. They offer a wealth of exploration for hiking and trekking with hundreds of trails and variety of routes. Azerbaijan's mountains are also home to incredibly rich wildlife, flora and fauna protected in several national parks and reserves. Relative proximity to the capital Baku offer excellent choices for short weekend trekking or a more prolonged hiking.

All our tours are organised with the partnership of Mountain Sports Club. They experience guides and instructors climbed all the major peaks in Azerbaijan. They participation is the best guarantee to recieve an unforgettable experience of unique Azerbaijan nature, view the best breathtaking sceneries in this part of the world, climb on the top of majestic Caucasus mountains, reach the heights that were accessible before only to eagles and keep that bright memories forever. Step on the roof of the world. Be there where eternity is.




A parachute is a device used to slow the movement of a person or object as it falls or moves through the air. Used primarily for safe descent from high altitudes (e.g., a spacecraft reentering the atmosphere, a person or object dropped from an airplane), parachutes can also be used in horizontal configurations to slow objects like race cars that have finished their runs. There are two basic types of parachutes. One is a dome canopy made of fabric in a shape that ranges from a hemisphere to a cone; the canopy traps air inside its envelope, creating a region of high pressure that retards movement in the direction opposite the entering air flow. The other is a rectangular parafoil, or ram-air canopy, consisting of a series of tubular cells; commonly used by sport jumpers, the parafoil acts as a wing, allowing the jumper to "fly" toward a target.