Mountain tour

Mountain tour

Mountains of Azerbaijan are wild and extremely beautiful. They offer excellent opportunities for skiing. In winter, heavy snow makes the scenery to remind of the Alps and the Balkans in Europe. In summer opportunities for walks in the fresh coniferous and deciduous vegetation of the mountain forests may tempt everyone and this is the most attractive side of Azerbaijan. The great wealth of mineral springs is very important for the development of spa tourism in the country. Among the high mountains are nestled small and picturesque villages that are attractive place to practice rural tourism. The life style has not changed notably in the 20th century. People in the mountain villages still produce their own food and live a simple lifestyle close to nature. In the local villages still the food is clean and problems such as preservatives and dyes in food products are something city of baku azerbaijan incomprehensible for the people. In mountainous areas of Azerbaijan you will find many beautiful canyons, gorges, rivers, lakes and waterfalls. One of the most attractive places for rest and relaxation in the mountains is Long Forest. The resort is located near the town of Guba. Furthermore, Long Forest, about Guba there are and some other smaller but also very attractive resorts and campgrounds. It is generally believed that this place offers the most picturesque mountain scenery in Azerbaijan and precisely for this reason the region has such saturation opportunities for tourism.


Across the centuries, the north-east corner of Azerbaijan has served as the gateway between Europe and the Middle East. Here, in the shadow of the majestic Caucasus Mountains, hides untold natural beauty. Pristine glaciers and deep ravines, stunning mountain lakes and canyons, and an ecological treasure trove of plants and animals. This is Shahdag in all its splendour. With a climate favouring year-round sports and leisure, Shahdag ranges from winter lows of -20°C to pleasant summer evenings of 20°C. An incomparable location for one of the world’s largest national parks, and within it, one of the region’s largest ski resorts.Breathtakingly beautiful, a haven hidden from time, Shahdag is an experience not soon forgotten.


With no less than 19 ski slopes planned, suitable for a wide range of experience levels, the Shahdag Mountain Resort presents world-class skiing at a breathtaking 2500 metres above sea level. The Resort’s own ski school offers experienced private instructors for beginners as well as advanced skiers.In addition to skiing, the slopes also provide exciting opportunities for snowboarding and snow mobiling. Other winter activities, especially suited for young children, include quad biking and bouncy castles and snow tubing. Additionally, the Resort’s Spa will provide a refreshing break from the snow and ice.



Whether you are new to the slopes or an experienced skier we have everything you need all ready for you.We have a brand new ski centre with all the latest equiment for you to buy or hire and friendly staff on hand to help advise you.Beginners ski school for those of you just starting out and instructors and guides for those of you that are a little more advanced but want a bit of a refresher.

19 ski slopes are available  throughout the season due to the latest snow machine technology and we have state of the art lifts and gondolas to take you to the top of the slopes. Helmets are advised to be worn at all times.



Always wanted to try snowmobiling or an experienced rider looking for your next adrenaline buzz?

Our local tour guides will be able to talk you through the safety briefing and how to handle these powerful machines so that you get all the fun and adrenaline you need. The tours will take you high up into the mountains with breathtaking views of the resort and surrounding areas.Safety helmets will be provided and  must be worn at all times.

Tufandag – Azerbaijan’s Latest Ski Destination

Pure white snow glittering in the sun, wisps of cloud catching the enigmatic peaks of the Caucasus – this is the view that greets the visitor to the Tufandag Mountain Resort. The latest tourist facility to open in Azerbaijan, Tufandag makes this stunning mountain scenery accessible in both winter and summer. Visitors can relax in the lap of nature and enjoy the services of an up-to-the-minute resort.

Tufandag, whose name translates as Blizzard Mountain, lies on the southern slopes of the Greater Caucasus, just 4 km north of Gabala. Its proximity to the  town of Gabala is one of the resort’s great advantages, as visitors do not need special transport to get there. Tufandag Summer and Winter Resort has the capacity to receive 3,000 visitors per day. Although we opened only in early January, visitors have shown plenty of interest. During the month and a half, 5,000 tourists, 1,000 of whom were foreigners, have visited Tufandag. Our winter sports resort meets modern requirements. Our ski equipment and infrastructure are of a high standard. At Tufandag, both amateur and professional skiers can enjoy the same level of service as at European ski resorts. Everything looks ideal here, but we are very keen for visitors who have been to other resorts to tell us of any shortcomings or areas where we could improve.


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