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General information about hunting

Human being had been hunting almost through evolution. As hunters, people have taught themselves to be alert, confident, inventive to look for means which allowed tricking the most careful wild animals. They have also learned how to hunt in groups and share the prey. In fact, their physical and intellectual development they have been able to survive by was reached in hunting. Hunting was an industry, religion, job and pleasure even for a Stone-Age human.

That hunting has always been more than a job necessary to survive is proved by magic inspiration penetrating Gobustan's rock pictures, an amazing gallery where local history has been depicted in thousands of petroglyphs. Pictures of wild bulls, goats, deer, lions and stylized humans perfectly suit each other in hunting and fishing sceneries. Let us note the pre-hunt magic ritual to carve straight lines (supposed to be "arrows" or spears") into goats' and deer's pictures of the Gobustan "stone books" to attract success is still repeated today: hunters of the Oguz District, Azerbaijan, hammer in a wedge into a wild goat's or deer's trace for them not to escape and be their prey. While hunting and gathering were the main food sources in the Early Stone Age, their significance decreased later on. De to settled farming to have come as a cardinal change, people became aspiring to transform natural environment instead of trying to live at its cost. However, hunt still occupies an important place in the economy. It is done on foot and on horse with bows, spears, tridents, lassos, hounds, carnivorous birds different methods being used such as trapping and chasing.The symbolic significance of hunt for the rulers of great ancient civilizations becomes clear from books about ancient history and the arts. Hunt scenes are depicted surprisingly much.

Hunting in Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan having the rich cultural and historical heritage has favorable natural conditions for development prospects of the tourism industry. In recent years, one of the developing kinds of tourism is hunting tourism.The hunting tourism in Azerbaijan has been operating since 1963. The mountain goat and birds hunting were most developed one. Rich and abundant, Azerbaijan's land is generously sharing with the man its resources including game. The guarantee of successful hunting is provided by understanding the specificity of animals' behavior and habits.

Wild animals and birds represented in the country's fauna including endemics (the Caucasian Ibex) have a number of specificities connected to their habitat, climatic conditions and behavior. Each species to hunt requires special approaches (chase, round-up, with hounds or setters/pointers) and tricks (hiding, tracing etc.). Related awareness is going to ensure successful hunt and help fully value the richness and beauty of the Land of Fires, Azerbaijan.


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