Starting from March 15, 2013 new procedure of tourist e-visa system has been implementing in Azerbaijan to provide the execution of the Decree of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan dated November 20, 2012 ”On the facilitation of visa procedures for foreigners and stateless persons, travelling to the Republic of Azerbaijan”.

          With an aim to attract more tourists from all over the world, this new system is designed to transfer all visa applications to the electronic context. Hereby, visitors need to provide all necessary documents. After the relevant documents are prepared  travel companies apply to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for e-visa. When confirmed by MFA, e-visa is forwarded to visitors in electronic format. Henceforth, visitors just need to print out the e-visa and are free to visit the country via any modes of entry (by air, on land, by sea etc.)

To obtain a visa you need to correctly submit the following documents:

1. Passport

2. 3x4 photo

3 Ticket (while staying in Azerbaijan)

4. Hotel reservation

5.Home Address, where you work and position

6. Home phone, mobile phone

7. Information about if you have changed your name or nationality

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